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Application Process

Plan and Prepare

Review the Application Instructions section below to find guidelines, application standards, and resources for completing your application. Read this section in its entirety prior to applying.

If resources submitted do not meet the expectations outlined below, your application will not be accepted.


Compile and Complete

Once you have read the section below, begin to compile and complete all necessary materials to apply. 

Required Application Materials:

  • Pathways for Success Scholarship Application. Download our editable PDF here.

  • High School Transcript

  • Resume of Activities

  • FAFSA Student Aid Report

  • Proof of Florida Financial Aid Application

  • Copy of one college application essay

  • Proof of Application to TWO or more independent scholarships

  • Personal Statement


Submit Your Application!


Once you have the required materials ready, submit your application!

Please double check your application to confirm all required materials are attached before submitting. Incomplete applications will immediately disqualify you from consideration.

Applications for 2024 must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Friday, March 15.

Application Instructions

Tools For Success

FAFSA Statement Report

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA, is an online form that determines your eligibility for financial aid. Please submit your FAFSA and include your Student Aid Report in your application.

Proof of Florida Financial Aid Application

The FFAA application allows students to apply to the State Scholarship & Grant Programs, including Bright Futures, Florida Farmworker Student Scholarship, and the José Martí Scholarship Challenge Grant.

Copy of ONE college application essay.

College essay prompt must be included in the attachment.

Proof of Application to TWO or more independent scholarships.
This is to show you are taking personal initiative to help fund and support your education. Your high school guidance counselor will be able to direct you toward many scholarship sources.  You can also search online on sites like or College Board

If you have applied for a scholarship that requires you to submit hard copy materials rather than an online application, you may submit an email from your school counselor confirming that you applied as your Proof of Application.

Teacher Recommendation
Please speak with your teacher ahead of time to confirm that she/he is willing to do this. All recommendations must come from a teacher, not a guidance counselor, and must be sent from an official school email. We will email them a letter about our foundation, asking for their recommendation.

Resume of Activities

For this application, we require that you use our college-level resume template. This is to make sure we receive the same information from all students. Review our Resume Rules and Guidance resource for help getting started.


*Resume template must be opened and edited on a desktop.

Personal Statement

What challenges have you faced in pursuing a college education and how will a college education change your life?

(250-600 words)

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